Studio Nooon

The design studio bringing your ideas to life through visionary designs and digital illustrations.

Studio Nooon was 
founded in 2023, in the
heart of Istria, Croatia.


Studio Nooon was founded by Nina Turina, a multi-disciplinary designer and illustrator based in Croatia. Nina is a dedicated artist with a Master’s degree in Visual Art. Her unique artistic style seamlessly blends business strategy with creativity to better connect brands with their audience.


We strive to empower small-business owners, non-profits, and agencies to create a bigger impact in their field by carefully crafting visual solutions and experiences.

We collaborate with clients across Europe, focusing on working with creatives in the fields of arts, culture, education, and sustainability to effectively communicate their stories.


Think of ‘brand strategy’ as the building blocks of your brand. We help you define your brand’s goals and values, position your brand amidst competitors, and identify the right audience your brand will resonate with.

To give your brand the great personality it deserves, we help you build a visual expression that reflects your brand strategy – focusing on crafting the visual solutions that connect with your audience.

From books, catalogs, and brochures, we are dedicated to creating the right layout for your editorial project. With a keen focus on print aspects, we carefully tailor our layouts to meet the demands of print design.

To make the customer experience for your product unforgettable, we carefully design packaging for your products to call home,

Through creating custom illustrations and icons, we help you tell stories and present even the most complex ideas – visually and beautifully.

Is your project a blank canvas? We are here to paint it with the right colors! We help direct and manage creative projects that need just a little momentum to achieve their potential.

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